Axeo Interactive
The Ultimate New Homes Off-Plan Sales Tool

All our systems are carefully designed with the customer experience in mind and the needs of a modern sales environment.

Every Axeo Interactive System contains an incredible number of features that keep the continuity of your customers' journey going even after they've left your Markting Suite.

Custom made for you
Elegantly integrated into your Marketing Suite

All Axeo systems are built to spec and budget with a choice of custom designed stands that fit seamlesly into your Sales Suite.

Each Interactive System is tailor made to match your development branding and corporate visual identity.

Ultra HD & Dual View
Powerful Wireless Dual Screen Ultra HD technology

Using our unique in-house developed Wireless Hub technology each Axeo controller can take over any of the screens in your Maketing Suite and present your development in full Ultra HD so your sales staff are not limited to just one fixed location.

Let There Be Light!
Control the LED lights on your model with ease

The Axeo light control has a number of built in features available like finding a specific plot on the model, lighting plots by availability, number of bedrooms, size, type and even creating a light show during the screen saver mode.

If your model company has their own electronics with different requirements let us know and we will work together to include their specification.

Sophisticated Plot Finder Tech

The most comprehensive off-plan sales tool that you can find
  • 360 Interactive development search
  • Compare floor plans feature
  • Interactive Kitchen & Bathroom Choices
  • Email Feature with data capture
  • Plot management
  • Local Area Map with a selection of local amenities
  • Plot Availability matching your colour coding
  • Virtual Tours
  • Galleries (brochure, interiors, exteriors, promotional videos…)
  • Customer registration

Interactive Kitchen & Bathroom Choices

Virtual Showroom helping your customers choose their final touches
The Axeo Kitchens & Bathrooms is an advanced addition to the Home Finder system. Providing your sales team with an invaluable tool that saves time and effort when assisting customers with various options that you have to offer.

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